What next for Arsenal?

There has been a lot of talks surrounding Henry’s comments on how “He is an Arsenal player as of now”!!! Media will speculate especially the Spanish media, they are crazier than the British when it comes to Football. Arsenal played almost half or more of the season without Henry and they finished 4th in the league, played very decent football in europe before succumbing to an Alex goal. The story could have been different if Arsenal has Henry and Persie in full fitness. So keeping this in mind, lets analyse how strong or weak Arsenal is.

GK – Lehmann, Lukas Fabianski

This is a department which looks good. Fabianski, the 22 year old Polish goalkeeper is a good deal for the club. He will definetely be a good substitute for the ageing Lehmann. I am sure that Lehmann will start the season Fabianski’s role will become critical as the season progresses and Lehmann starts acting funny.


Well this is a key area for improvement as we have been letting in goals too many. And Senderos had a wonderful 2005-06 season and a equally good World Cup. But he was a shadow of his last season and needs to improve to make the back four look really solid.

Central – Toure, Senderos, Gallas, Djourou

I think the above four are a good bunch just need to improve especially on the high balls. Toure is a very aggresive player and his instincts to score goals is a added advantage. Djourou gained valuable experience in this season and I expect him to show his true class in 2007.

Right Back – Eboue, Hoyte

Well these two are players who have been outstanding last season. Eboue has an attitude problem which needs to be rectified otherwise his footballing sense is in place. Hoyte has been an equally good right back though his forward runs are minimal compared to Eboue.

Left Back – Clichy, Traore

If there is one player I liked last season other than Fabregas it has to be Clichy. He is better than Cole I believe. He is fast and he is clean (he has received very few yellow cards and you will hardly see him foul). The pace at which he attacks and then comes back to defend is amazing. Traore played a few matches especially in the Carling Cup and was looking good. But we dont actually have a good replacement for Clichy, though Gallas can play left back too.


I feel our problem starts here. We need a good winger who can blast a few goals. Rosicky is one and I believe he will fire on all cylinders in 2007. He has had a very calm season with injuries etc. But we need someone to play on the right side and get goals.

Central – Fabregas, Gilberto, Denilson

These three have proved beyond any doubt that when it comes to central midfield, there are only a few teams that can match this trio. Fabregas is fantastic, Gilberto is hard working and Denilson is brilliant. These three are untouchables.

Wingers – Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Hleb, Ljunberg, Walcott

This is where a possible problem lies. Walcott didnt get enough chances and when chances came begging he was injured. So this is the year when he will have bigger say in the season. He should be making a mark along with Rosicky. Abou Diaby has tried to play like Viera but has not been completely satisfying. He fights hard for the ball but I am yet to see him score some long rangers and disturn the goalkeeper.

What we need is a mid-fielder who can hit a few shots from outside the box and trouble the goalie.

Forwards – Henry, Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner

Well if the first two were fit for the entire season, th story would have been different for Arsenal. Before they got injured they were one of the top scorers in the league. Adebayor handled the pressure almost single-handedly and I like him for that. Especially for scoring against Man U in Old Trafford 🙂

But Bendtner is the one to watch out for as I think he has it in him to be the next Bergkamp. He is the dude to watch out for next season.

So I feel if we get a goal scoring mid-fielder and Henry stays, we are in with a chance .



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4 responses to “What next for Arsenal?

  1. nice squad but we need additional attackers eg eto’o.

  2. Vin

    I personally think its high time Lehmann makes way for Fabianski or atleast the latter should
    get some starts in some of the small matches. Else Arsenal is going to feel a big void when
    the german retires.
    Gallas – still needs to show the class he once displayed for Chelsea. Personally dont think
    the swap with chelsea was beneficial for either of the teams!!Same with Rosicky – that guy is
    full of potent but yet to show that and once he fires all cylinders, then its going to be
    an extra dimension to the arsenal attack!
    Is Gilberto continuing in Arsenal? I thought he was going back to RM??
    And hope that Henry continues in Arsenal than go for a swap deal with Barca’s Eto! Dont really
    agree with his style blending with the likes of Messi/Ronaldinho etal.
    Ps. I am a hardcore ManU fan 🙂

  3. AnferTuto

    Hola faretaste

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