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6 matches, 24 goals

Well that is Copa America for you. They play flawless football and score goals to win rather than play out a scoreless draw to qualify for the next round. In six games we have seen it all

  • goals and more goals, hat trick and 5-0 win and 3-2 wins
  • Upsets : Brazil getting beaten by Mexico, Peru beating Uruguay
  • Comebacks: Chile coming back twice from behind before winning it
  • Complete Attacking Football: Though Argentina struggled initially, quality came through finally. The third goal by Aimar was a beautiful eg of team work. Brazil attacked relentlessly for 30 odd mins in the 2nd half without a goal.

This tournament so far has also not seen any huge refereeing controversy or any injury-feigning and diving 🙂 Too early to judge the success of the tournament but nevertheless it has shown whats in store for the next two weeks.

A few facts about Copa America

  • Copa America is organised by CONMEBOL, the South American Football Confederation consisting of 10 members – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela
  • Two invited teams from other confederations complete the 12-team field. This year it is Mexico and US
  • The Copa América is the oldest surviving international football competition in the world, as it was held for the first time between July 2 and July 17, 1916 as part of the commemorations of Argentina’s independence centenary.
  • It was normally held every two years,until 2007, when CONMEBOL decided that the tournament would henceforth be held every four years
  • Two teams from other confederation, who have participated over the years include – Costa Rica, Mexico, US, Japan (!!!)
  • Argentina and Uruguay has won the tournament 14 times with Brazil winning it 7 times

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He is back…

The coolest footballer on planet earth is back and he plays for Argentina. He is cool and composed when it comes to controlling midfield and giving those killer passes, he is the best!


He combined with Messi and Crespo for the second goal and gave a defence splitting pass to set up Tevez for the 4th goal.


And it looks like he will be back in Villareal next season so we will definetely get to see more of him. Good to see you back, keep up the good work.

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The top 50 Footballers on the planet

There is a nice article on the top 50 football players in the Times. Makes an interesting readtorres_179474a.jpg









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Copa America and Euro under 21

Copa America has started and the matches start early morning time here in Malaysia. It gives me time to watch like the first half before getting into office.

The start has been quite wonderful with 14 goals scored in the first 4 matches. This tournament must be like the most under-valued tournament of football in the world with some of the best talents in the world playing. Venezuela is the venue this time around and as usual Brazil and Argentina start as favourites.

I saw the Mexico vs Brazil match today and it Mexico were the rightful winners atleast by the 1st half performance that I got to see. 2 goals down in some 25 minutes, Brazil defence was found wanting. They were without Kaka and Ronaldinho, but a Brazilian team is always known to throw up some new faces which will excite the world of football for the next few decades. Well, to be frank that is not happening. The players in display were mediocre and if this is the future of Brazilian football, then god help them. Hope Argentina play some good football.

The Euro under-21 got over recently with Holland running away as worthy winners. They had a star in Babel, who might join Arsenal this year. Serbia were the surprise finalists and England reached the semis after a long gap. If you look at the England line up, it is quite a decent team despite the fact that Rooney,Jenas and Stuart Downing were eligible but now play for the senior team and Darren Bent, Micah Richards, Curtis Davies and Theo Walcott missed out due to injuries and David Bentley and Gabriel Agbonlahor did not play. I wonder when these youngsters will get into the senior team displacing some of the more illustrious stars in that team.

Here is a nice article on the rise of the youngsters in Europe.

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All the best Henry

Barcelona’s new no 14 was unveiled…


The no of articles I have read about Henry’s  skill and style in the past week has surpassed the no of articles I have read in the last 1 year about him. I wish him luck for his last chapter of glory in Spain.

And may Arsenal produce some more Henrys in the coming season. God bless.

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Bye Henry. It was great while it lasted

By far the most famous player to leave Arsenal, Thierry Henry will be remembered for all the goals he scored for Arsenal, for all the small battles he won for Arsenal in the last 8 years or so he was there. Number 14 will no longer be the same.


Now would he be missed? Yes and No. Yes to some extent as he was the experienced voice to calm down the young nerves of Persie, Adebayor, Fabregas and the other young brigade. No because, Arsenal played more than half the season without him and did a  decent job out of it. And to be very frank if there is one key player in the team today it has to be Fabregas and not Henry.

The partnership of Arsene and Henry comes to an end this season. And it leaves a lot of doubt in the minds of Arsenal fans whether Arsene will also leave the club, come the end of the season when his contract ends.


It will not be the same again in Emirates stadium where Henry walked out with the captain’s armband. Lets wait and see what Arsenal do with this 16 million pounds. Arsenal will surely miss Henry but the English football will also lose a star player who was one of the most skillful players in the league.

Let me wish Henry for the best of the rest of his career in Barca except against Arsenal. And thanks a lot for all those wonderful memories.


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Champions League 2008

The draw for CL 08 will happen on June 29th and will set the ball rolling for the rest of the season. Milan head the list followed by Barcelona and Liverpool. The big news would be Chelsea qualifying as a seeded team which means they dont have to face any of the top seeds in the group stage.

The finals will be played in Moscow on May 21. I know it is too early but still…

You can find more info here

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