Milan – Consistency & Class

In the last 20 years no club has dominated Europe like the Rossoneri. They have been winning or appearing in the finals of the Champions League for the last so many seasons. Milan deserved the crown for the consistent performance and some classy football from their exciting youngsters (Kaka, Gattuso, Pirlo) and more from their tireless veterans (Maldini, Seedorf, Nesta, Dida, Cafu etc). The finals was not a great match for the Milan side but they got what mattered the most, goals.

Liverpool dominated the first half and the Milan goal came against the run of play. Kaka and Alonso showed an instance of magic in the field in the first half and in the dying moments of the 1st half, Alonso fouls Kaka right outside the box. This was a crucial free kick!


And the man who is an expert in free kicks Pirlo stepped in…


He aimed for the far-post and Reina dived to collect the ball…but Inzaghi makes a run to the goal and deflects it to the other side (though he claims that they practice this shot, it looked like a fluke goal). Milan 1 – Liverpool 0


Kaka who was kept silent for the whole match, provided a pass which split Liverpool at the back and all Inzaghi had todo was take it past the goal keeper and slot it in. That is exactly what he did.Milan 2-Liverpool 0


And as the match entered the last few minutes, Kuyt headed one for Liverpool. It did raise hope but this time the Italians were prepared for all sorts of comebacks. So it remained Milan 2- Liverpool 1



For Kaka this was a dream season where his team played flawless football and provided one of the best semifinals in the history of Champions league against Man U. His goals and playmaking was the best seen in Europe.


Maldini played 8 Champions League finals (89, 90, 93, 94, 95, 03, 05 & 07). He won 5 of them equalling the record for maximum CL medals and his team mate Seedorf won 4 CL titles with 3 different clubs, Ajax, Real Madrid & AC Milan.



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  1. demi final milan manchestere

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