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17 years ago on May 26, 1989

In the 1988-89 season, Arsenal travelled to Anfield for the final match of the season. Both the teams were in with a chance to win the league. But Arsenal had to put in two goals to make sure they win the title. No team had scored twice against Liverpool since 1986!!!

Well Arsenal scored the first goal early in the second half but the second one was not coming. With one minute to go and the Kop in full blast, Arsenal did it in the 90th minute. A 2-0 victory which made them champions after 1971.


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Milan – Consistency & Class

In the last 20 years no club has dominated Europe like the Rossoneri. They have been winning or appearing in the finals of the Champions League for the last so many seasons. Milan deserved the crown for the consistent performance and some classy football from their exciting youngsters (Kaka, Gattuso, Pirlo) and more from their tireless veterans (Maldini, Seedorf, Nesta, Dida, Cafu etc). The finals was not a great match for the Milan side but they got what mattered the most, goals.

Liverpool dominated the first half and the Milan goal came against the run of play. Kaka and Alonso showed an instance of magic in the field in the first half and in the dying moments of the 1st half, Alonso fouls Kaka right outside the box. This was a crucial free kick!


And the man who is an expert in free kicks Pirlo stepped in…


He aimed for the far-post and Reina dived to collect the ball…but Inzaghi makes a run to the goal and deflects it to the other side (though he claims that they practice this shot, it looked like a fluke goal). Milan 1 – Liverpool 0


Kaka who was kept silent for the whole match, provided a pass which split Liverpool at the back and all Inzaghi had todo was take it past the goal keeper and slot it in. That is exactly what he did.Milan 2-Liverpool 0


And as the match entered the last few minutes, Kuyt headed one for Liverpool. It did raise hope but this time the Italians were prepared for all sorts of comebacks. So it remained Milan 2- Liverpool 1



For Kaka this was a dream season where his team played flawless football and provided one of the best semifinals in the history of Champions league against Man U. His goals and playmaking was the best seen in Europe.


Maldini played 8 Champions League finals (89, 90, 93, 94, 95, 03, 05 & 07). He won 5 of them equalling the record for maximum CL medals and his team mate Seedorf won 4 CL titles with 3 different clubs, Ajax, Real Madrid & AC Milan.


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What a bore

Yesterday’s FA cup final could go down as one of the most boring matches seen this season. The build up to this one started more than a month back when the top two club teams in England could meet possibly three times

Champions League Final – Well, this was never to happen when you have get across Milan and Liverpool

Premier League decider in May – well, the league was decided much before that, thanks to Chelsea. And what a bore that match was. It was an insult to the premier league to say that these were the best two teams in the league

FA Cup Final – This was again a waste of money for all the spectators in Wembley who paid exorbitant prices to get a ticket to witness a fantastic final which was never there.

I think Watford vs Blackburn could have been a much better fixture for an exciting game of football than this. But unfortunately they were eliminated in the semis. The star players were never there. The pace of the match best suited Chelsea but what happened to the steam-rolling Man U team. They have score more than 80 goals in 37 league matches but have not been able to score in the last 2 matches.

Drogba who has been edged to all the awards except the Golden Boot award for maximum goals in the league, lived upto his reputation with a great goal in the second half of extra time. It was good one-touch football between Drogba and Lampard, who had a decent game and the Man U defence was split. A cool finish from Drogba and game set and match over for Man U.



There is not much to talk about this match except for the goals and maybe about Mourinho. He came to Chelsea and got them all the cups that Engalnd can offer in his three years in Stamford Bridge. It is quite an unique achievement. It would be good to see him for one more season atleast and see if he can make Chelsea the Champions of Europe.

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Watch out for Fran Merida

Merida wears the no.10 jersey of the current European Under-17 Champions, Spain. He was swooped by Arsenal in 2006 from Barcelona. This is the second one from Barca after the fabulous Fabregas! He had a silent tournament for his standard but he will be a handful for many PL players in the coming season.

You can watch some of his skills here

Nacer Barazite plays for Netherlands and was arguably the tournament’s best winger.


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For the love of Football

This blog is going to be about football, the teams, the players and the fans. I love Arsenal and hence a lot of opinion will be biased for the neutral fan I suppose. Well its my blog so I guess I have that freedom. Having said that I will try to be as impartial as I can when it comes to other teams.

Football is a great sport and it cant be disliked by many.


Some people are so passionate about this sport that some bright guy thought of this particular pee-pod so that people think of football even when they pee!



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